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DVD Transfer


We offer the best value and fastest turnaround on DVD transfer services in Bakersfield. Choose one of the many DVD transfer services we offer. Videotapes to DVD, Film to DVD, Photos to DVD, Slides to DVD, Audio to CD, Video Encoding, Videotape Repair, CD Copies, and DVD duplication. Choose a DVD Transfer Service

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Why DVD Transfer?

Compared to DVD discs, videotapes take up more shelf space, break and get stuck in the recording unit more often, offer lower video and sound quality, waste your time cueing up, don’t play on computers, and don’t travel well in person or in the mail.

Our DVD discs should keep your memories safe for 100 years. A typical VHS recording can last as long as 20 years, but image and sound quality degradation becomes noticeable in as little as 5 years. If you want your wedding video to last, there’s really no choice… DVD Transfer!

You can try and do it yourself, but who has time these days? Trust your memories to a professional company like us. Our trained technicians handle your memories as if they were our own. With our equipment and quality control you can be assured of the best DVD transfer possible.

DVD Transfer


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